How is Voice Search being used in SEO?

How Voice Search actually works: Let us quickly explore how Voice Search works. Instead of manually typing a question or request into search, because that is obviously so last year now, people are able to use their voice to command the system to find the answer for them. In a generation where time is valuable and people are consuming content much more quickly than in previous years, this may just be the much-needed answer for some. Although some systems have faced backlash, due to its accessibility, reaching valuable information has never been so easy.
Why Voice Search will benefit your business in 2019: Now the idea of voice search itself is not a completely new term, but in recent years has seen a jump in use and popularity amongst its users. There is no denying it will dominate SEO in 2019 and if used to its full potential, could even help your business dominate in search. Here is all you need to know to optimise your website so it is ready for Voice Search.
1)Improve page loading …